Publication:    FRL-1001
Revision:       1
Title:          Suggested use of Nodelist Fields
Author:         Lee Kindness
Revision Date:  15 June 1999
Expiry Date:    N/A
                1. Field 3, Node Name
                2. Field 4, Location
                3. Field 5, Sysop Name

Status of this document

  This document is a Fidonet Reference Library document (FRL).
  This document arises from, and obsoletes FSP-1003 which was not
  promoted to a Fidonet standard. The reasons for this decision are
  given below.

  This document is released to the public domain, and may be used,
  copied or modified for any purpose whatever.


  The FTSC decided not to recommend FSP-1003 for promotion to a
  FidoNet Standard for the following reasons:
  * It was felt that the statistical analysis used to justify the
  chosen field sizes was too simplistic. For example, without the
  standard deviation of each field length it is impossible to
  estimate the number of nodes who would be required to change
  their nodelist entries.
  * Moreover, it is apparent that even with such use of large
  nodelist fields the existing software is coping without difficulty
  and there is on justification for imposing limits that did not
  exist previously.


  This document makes recommendations on the use of various fields in
  the distribution nodelist (St. Louis nodelist format", fts-0005).
  Naturally it is the choice of the *C's if they want to use them.
  Remember the fts-0005 requirements should still be adhered to.

1. Field 3, Node Name

  The node name field should be no more than 20 characters long. For
  comparison in nodelist.122'1997 the minimum entry was 1, maximum 51!
  and the average was 14.

  For zone entries this field should contain a description of the
  zones area, (eg North America, Europe). For region entries it should
  contain the country/state, for host entries the local area name and
  for hub entries a description of the area the hub serves.

2. Field 4, Location

  This field contains the location of the node. It should usually be
  expressed as the primary local location (town, suburb, city, etc.)
  plus an identifier of the regional geopolitical administrative
  district (state, province, department, county, etc.). Wherever
  possible, standard postal abbreviations for the major regional
  district should be used (IL, BC, NSW, UK, etc.).

  For zone and region entries this field should also have the julian
  day of segment creation appended to it (eg "Somearea_(122)") to aid
  checks on the validity of the nodelist.

3. Field 5, Sysop Name

  This field contains the name of the system operator. Entries such as
  "postmaster" and "uucp" should not be used. Aliases should not be
  permitted in this field (as they give Fidonet a 'less respectable'

A. Author contact data

  Lee Kindness
  Fidonet: n/a
  E-mail:  wangi@earthling.net
  WWW:     http://www.scms.rgu.ac.uk/students/cs_yr94/lk/fido.html

B. History

  Rev.1, 990615: Tranformation from FSP-1003 to FRL-1001