FidoNet(tm) Standards Committee
                      Archive Philosophy and Document Naming
                                 March 30, 1988

Date: Tue 29 Mar 88 20:13
From: Randy Bush
To:   Chuck Venter
Subj: Re: This echo



What is intended by this document registry

o Starting a document archive with a naming convention based  on the current
  one, FSC-nnnn.ARC.  

o The first few documents are the current FSC001 & 2, but using the new naming

o Grabbing the dozen documents which detail the current FidoNet technology
  (MYFSC001, N_YOOHOO, ...) , or provide well-documented proposals for changes,
  arranging them in date order without prejudice and issuing them numbers.  

The ongoing plan is 

o Similarly to the NIC, when a document is revised, it is given a new number,
  and states what documents it obsoletes.  Many have said that this should
  have been done with FSC001.  

o Occasional documents will provide bibliographies of the archive.  

o Occasional documents will give advice as to which subset of the registry
  represents the currently accepted standard.

o Contributions hungrily accepted.  Send text<tm>.  


Naming Convention
1. Document names begin with "FSC-nnnn".

2. Documents are numbered sequentially from 0001, with new document numbers
   being assigned to new drafts.

3. Extensions are
   a) .ARC - The distributed ARChive file
   b) .TXT - ASCII text file for screen or printer
   c) .DOC - ASCII text file for screen or printer
   d) .CHT - ASCII chart, may be wide or long or both