| Document: fsc-0091
 | Version:  001
 | Date:     01 Jun 1996
 | Arjen Lentz, 2:283/512

ISDN nodelist flags (rev.002)                   Arjen Lentz (agl@bitbike.com)
addendum to FTS-0005                                        FidoNet 2:283/512
superceding FSC-0075                                       October 30th, 1995

Input from Michael Buenter, Jan Ceuleers, Chris Lueders, and others. Thanks!

The proposed new information text in nodelist trailer is as follows:

   Nodelist  Specification of minimal support required for this flag;
   flag      any additional support to be arranged via agreement between users
   ========  =================================================================
   V110L     ITU-T V.110 19k2 async ('low').
   V110H     ITU-T V.110 38k4 async ('high').
   V120L     ITU-T V.120 56k async, layer 2 framesize 259, window 7, modulo 8.
   V120H     ITU-T V.120 64k async, layer 2 framesize 259, window 7, modulo 8.
   X75       ITU-T X.75 SLP (single link procedure) with 64kbit/s B channel;
               layer 2 max.framesize 2048, window 2, non-ext.mode (modulo 8);
               layer 3 transparent (no packet layer).
   ISDN      Other configurations. Use *only* if none of the above fits.
   NOTE: No flag implies another. Each capability MUST be specifically listed.
   If no modem connects are support, the nodelist speed field should be 300.

   Conversion from old to new ISDN capability flags:
   - Nodes in the USA currently use the 'ISDN' flag.
     Most will be able to change to V120H (64k lines).
     Also many to V120L,V120H (64k lines) with autodetecting equipment.
     Some to only V120L (still with 56k lines).
   - Nodes in Europe currently use the ISDNA, ISDNB and ISDNC flags.
     A simple translation will do the trick here.
     ISDNA -> V110L
     ISDNB -> V110H
     ISDNC -> X75