Publication:    FSP-1006
Revision:       1
Title:          Kludge for specifying addition e-mail reply addresses
Author:         Ramon van der Winkel, 1:320/42.46
Revision Date:  12 December 1997
Expiry Date:    12 December 1999
                1. Scope
                2. Background
                3. Format
                4. Implementation notes
                5. Example

Status of this document

  This document is a Fidonet Standards Proposal (FSP).

  This document specifies an optional Fidonet standard protocol for
  the Fidonet community, and requests discussion and suggestions for

  This document is released to the public domain, and may be used,
  copied or modified for any purpose whatever.


  An Internet message can have several reply addresses. After gating
  to FidoNet, the recipient is only presented with one of the reply
  addresses. The others are lost. This is a suggestion for an
  additional kludge to FSC-0035 to change that.

1. Scope

  This standard is specified for FTN netmail messages sent by a
  FidoNet-to-Internet gateway to a recipient. Message editors will
  have to support this to allow the user to select the reply address
  to use.

2. Background

  An Internet message has three headers to indicate where to send a
  reply. These are, in order of priority, Reply-To:, Sender: and
  From:. When a message is distributed by a mailing list, then one of
  the headers could contain the e-mail address of the poster and one
  of the other headers the address of the mailing list.

  When the message is gated to FidoNet, the gateway currently selects
  of the reply addresses and creates the message so that a reply will
  return at the gateway and sent to this one address. The other
  addresses are lost.

  The FSC-0035 kludges REPLYTO and REPLYADDR allow for one return
  address only. This is a proposal for an additional kludge inserted
  by the gateway to specify an addtional reply address. The message
  editor used by the recipient will present a list of all reply
  addresses and allows the user to select the appropriate address.

  This way, the user can send a message back to the mailing list (for
  distribution), or to the e-mail address of the poster only.

3. Format

  Following the REPLYTO and REPLYADDR kludges, one or more kludges
  with the name REPLYALSO can be inserted, each listing one possible
  reply address.

  @REPLYALSO <e-mail address>

  Where <e-mail address> is in the form of


  Each line MUST contain one address only.

4. Implementation notes

  Gateways supporting the REPLYALSO kludge MUST put the the reply
  address with the highest priority in the REPLYADDR kludge. The order
  of priority is Reply-To:, Sender: and From: header. The other
  addresses may be listed in any priority.

5. Example

  From: odinn@goldware.dk, 1:320/42
  To:   Ramon van der Winkel, 1:320/42.46
  Subj: Another test
  @INTL 1:320/42 1:320/42
  @TOPT 46
  @MSGID: wgmid$<123455@goldware.dk> 45AB23CD
  @REPLYTO UUCP 1:320/42
  @REPLYADDR odinn@goldware.dk
  @REPLYALSO newftsc-l@brazerko.com
  This message was distributed by the mailing list "New FTSC"
  at brazerko.com.


A. Author contact data

  Ramon van der Winkel
  Fidonet: 1:320/42.46
  E-mail:  ramon@wsd.wline.se
  WWW:     http://www2.sbbs.se/hp/ramon

B. History

  Rev.1, 971212: First release.