Publication:    FSP-1014
Revision:       1
Title:          Moderating by Voting echomail distribution system
Author:         Amir Shabashvili 2:5049/12@fidonet
                Adel Chepckunov 2:5049/57@fidonet
Revision Date:  21 Sept 1999
Expire Date:    21 Sept 2001
             1. Background
             2. MV-system components
             3. Vote transport protocol
             4. Moderating by Voting process overview
             5. MV-conference initializing procedure
             6. Formats
             7. List of MVS-compatible software
             8. MV-System example

Status of this document
  This document is a Fidonet Standards Proposal (FSP).
  This document specifies an optional Fidonet standard protocol for
  the Fidonet community, and requests discussion and suggestions for
  This document is released to the public domain, and may be used,
  copied or modified for any purpose whatever.

  Moderating by Voting establish additional procedures of FidoNet
  echomail distribution for giving opportunity to every member of
  echo-conference to take part in moderating process by sending
  moderating messages. Moderating messages must be processed by
  special software, then this information must be stored and used
  for auto-moderating of incoming echo-stream on the nodes where
  MV-System installed.

1. Background
  This  document defines terminology basis, data structures, rules
  and procedures of Moderating by Voting for better cooperation of
  MV-systems software developers and for compatible software
   Motivation for a MVS
  An idea of Moderating by Voting comes from authors real experience
  in FidoNet echomail usage and moderating. We refer to FTS-0004,
  FSC-0074 as to basic documents concerning echomail distribution.
  There are three well-known schemes of echo-conference "driving" and,
  correspondingly, three kinds of echoes exists in FidoNet:
  - non-moderated;
  - moderated in "Usenet" style (pre-moderated);
  - moderated in "FidoNet" style;
  MVS introduce to the new moderating scheme, and we hope this method
  will be helpful, for example for thouse popular R50 echoes, where
  traffic is growing day by day and tend to flow out of moderator's
  Because of much number of new terms used in this document and some
  of this terms are very important for MV System realization, we
  place next glossary in the beginning of document:
  Moderating - echo-messages deletion process.
  Moderating by Voting System (MV System, MVS)- software for FidoNet
  echoes auto-moderating.
  MV-conference, MV-echo, (Moderated by Voting Echo-Conference,MVE)
  - moderated by voting echo-conference.
  Moderated Message (MM)- message which must (may) be moderated.
  Vote Message (VM) - message of special format which participant of 
  echo-conference sends to all MV-Systems to express his opinion
  about message he read (twit or anti-twit, vote "for" or "against").
  V-conference,V-echo,Twit-echo (Vote Transport Echo-Conference,VTE)-
  echo-conference for  Vote messages transportation.
  Moderating by Voting indicator (MV-indicator,MVI) - part of message
  header (AddressFrom, Subject or combination), used as moderating 
  criterion in Vote Message.
  Twit-time - lifetime of moderating decision.
  Coordinator,V-Coordinator (VC) - System Operator, responsible for
  some MV-echo(s) configuring and managing
  Configuring message (CM) - specially formatted message which VC
  sends to all MV-systems for whole MV-bone (see below) parameters
  configuration (for some MV-echo) 
  Moderating by Voting Criterion (MV-Criterion, MVC)- result of Vote
  Messages processing, used as message filtering criterion in
  moderating process.
  Moderating by Voting Base,Twit-Base (MVB) - database which contains
  Moderating by Voting Bone (MV-bone) - set of FidoNet nodes using
  MV-system for MV echoes distribution
2. MV-system components
  Name                 Function
  Vote transport       Protocol for VMM dissipation from source
                       system to all  MV-systems of current MV-Bone.
  VMM Processor        MV-Criterions from Vote Messages construction.
  MV database          Vote processing, storing criterions in
  MV Executor          Makes decisions based on MV-Base info and
                       moderated MV-echo parameters; moderating.
  MVFix                Answers on downlinks request; produce reports
                       and info; statistics; configuring MV-system.
3. Vote transport protocol
  Echomail transport (fts-0004, fsc-0074) is used as Vote transport
  protocol. It is possible to use alternative transport types (for
  example, netmail or file-transfer) for backup or testing purposes.
  Special echo-conference must be used for vote transportation.
4. Moderating by Voting process overview
  - echo-conference participant meets message which annoys him and
    sends moderating message.
  - All MV-Systems catch votes from vote-transport echo area.
  - Votes are being processed on every system using the same
    algorithm for same echo area.
  - resulted criterions are placed in MV-Base.
  - every echo-message coming to the system with MVS installed must
    be compared with criterions stored and then moderated, if needed.
  Remark:  See more detailed description in Addendum I.
5. MV-conference initializing procedure
  - Coordinator creates echo-conference by usual way on one or more
    MV-Bone hubs (it is recommended to add .MV or _MV prefix to echo
    tag, for example: RU.MV.ANEKDOT, for better echotags navigation).
  - Coordinator places echo-conference rules in the conference,
    which contains MV echo configuration parameters and point to
    "START" time (HH/DD/MM/YY UTC).
  After this time MV mechanism must be used. Before "START" time
  conference exists as non-moderated; moderating messages in
  Vote-transport echo for this conference are allowed. Coordinator
  can change "START" time, if he wants to.
      - 1st variant: 
        every potential participant of echo discussion must notify
        coordinator of MV-echo about his presence by netmail.
      - 2nd variant: 
        Coordinator collects info about planned population
        of echo from his own sources.
      - Coordinator sets MV-echo parameters depending on amount of
        active participants of moderated echo.
      - Coordinator puts specially formatted Configuring Message (CM)
        in VT-echo.
      - Based on this Configuring message all MV-systems update
        configuration for this MV-echo area
  - MV-mode usage of conference begins since "START" time coming.
6. Formats
  Vote message format
  NameFrom    - VM-message source system Sysop name
  AddressFrom - VM-message source system address
  NameTo      - Name of moderated message sender
  Subj        - subject of moderated message
  One line, consist of fields with space(s) as delimiter
  NN    set of used symbols     destination
  1     0..9,"/",":","."        4D address
  2     ASCII                   moderated echo-conference EchoTag,
                                letter case is unimportant.
  3     1 ,  0                  0 - twit (vote "against"),
                                1 - antitwit (vote "for").
                                Must be used one symbol only.
  4     A, S                    MV-Indicators. A-AddressFrom,
                                S-Subject of moderated message.
                                Symbols may be used in
                                combination. Letter case is
  All information below the first line will be ignored.

  From: Amirko Shaab                        2:5049/12.12
    To: Amir Shabashvili                    
  Subj: Hen cooks egg!
  2:5049/12 RU.ANEKDOT.VM 0 S
  MV-Criterion format
  MV-Base record being used as moderating criterion must contain next
  Name              description
  EchoTag           Moderated echo name (or its number in
                    configuration file)

  M-indicators      One or more MV-indicators.

  Remark: You may add your own fields in MV-Base structure; one
  possible example in Addendum below.

  Configuring message format
  NameFrom    - "Coordinator","VC"
  AddressFrom - Vote Coordinator address
  NameTo      - "MVFix","MVS"
  AddressTo   - destination address (used in case of netmail
  Subject     - password (optional)
  Remark: message body must be defined by programmer; see example in
  Addendum I.
7. List of MVS-compatible software
  - Relax! packet processor. Author Adel Chepckunov , 2:5049/57,
    written under GNU license, see:
8. MV-System example
  Configuration parameters

  (may be set separately for every MV-conference)
  Name              Description
  TimeCollect      Votes collection time
  TimeCollectMax   Maximum vote collection time(if after
                   TimeCollectMax moderating process is not started,
                   criterion must be deleted)
  TimeMin          Minimum criterion action time
  TimeMiddle       Middle criterion action time
  TimeMax          Maximum criterion action time
  VotesMinA        Amount of votes "against" (twits) which is enough
                   to activate criterion with combination of
                   indicators during TimeMin action time.
  VotesMidA        Amount of twits which is enough to activate
                   criterion with combination of indicators during
                   TimeMiddle action time.
  VotesMaxA        Amount of twits which is enough to activate
                   criterion with combination of indicators during
                   TimeMax action time.
  VotesMinB        Amount of twits which is enough to activate
                   criterion with one of Address,Address+Name,Name,
                   Subject indicators during minimum interval
  VotesMidB        Amount of twits which is enough to activate
                   criterion with one of Address,Address+Name,Name,
                   Subject indicators during minimum interval
  VotesMaxB        Amount of twits which is enough to activate
                   criterion with one of Address,Address+Name,Name,
                   Subject indicators during minimum interval
  PointSw          On - node only mode, Off - accept votes from

  Remark: Time measured in 24h.
  - all installed MV-systems catch Vote Messages from VT-Echo and put
    collected MV-Indicators in local MV-Bases.
  - Set of collected and stored MV-Indicators forms Moderating
  - Criterion must be launched in action after TimeCollect if number
    of votes is equal or greater than VotesMinA (If after TimeCollect
    criterion still is not working, it  must be deleted).
  - the time criterion which is still working as moderating rule must
    be equal to TimeMin, TimeMiddle or TimeMax, depending on number
    of votes.
    After the end of criterion's lifetime, it must be deleted from
  - Vote-message collection continues after time criterion activated
    and moderating decision can be changed.
  Remark: Votes with more common indicators (Address, Subject)
  take part in voting processes with more "soft" indicator
  (Address+Subject), if exists.

  Configuring message
  Echo-mail or netmail transport must be used for Configuring
  Messages transportation.
  Message body consist from one to three lines.
  First line contains the command. Command starts with '%' symbol.
  Next two lines contain additional information for this command.
  Only 'CONFIG' command is described in this document.

   '%CONFIG' command
  'CONFIG' command is used for configuring of those MV Systems, which
  receipt configuring message(s).
  2nd line contains moderated conference echotag.
  3rd line consists of the numerical fields delimited by space (' '):
  TimeCollect TimeCollectMax TimeMin TimeMiddle TimeMax
  All lines below 3rd line must be ignored.
  Example (case of netmail-transport):
  From: Coordinator                         2:5049/12
    To: VMS                                 2:5049/57
  Subj: <PASSWORD>                          
  4 7 30 60 90 10 15 20 15 30 50
  MV-base structure

  Field Name         Description
  CreationTime      The time criterion was created

  EchoTag           Echotag of moderated conference (or its number in
                    configuration file)

  NVotesYes         Number of votes "Against" (twits)

  NVotesNo          Number of votes "For" (anti-twits)

  V-Addresses       List of addresses votes are accepted from (use
                    this list for duplicated voices checking)

  M-indicators      one or more moderating indicators.

A. Author contact data

Amir Shabashvili
FidoNet: 2:5049/12
E-mail: ashabash@zarech.ru
WWW: http://ashabash.zarech.ru

Adel Chepckunov 
FidoNet: 2:5049/57@fidonet

B. Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank Alex V. Ivanov for
fixing of our poor English.

C. History

Rev.1, 19990921   First release.