Publication:    FTA-1002
Revision:       2
Title:          Document Submission and Publication Standard
Author:         Administrator
Revision Date:  29 November 1997
Expiry Date:    29 December 1999
                1. FSP Submissions
                2. FSP Content Guidelines
                3. FTS Format
                4. Reformatting

1. FSP Submissions

  Documents being submitted for consideration as future Technical
  Standards must conform to the following format:

  1. The submission must be in the form of a single document.
  2. The document must be in ASCII text (Decimal 32 through 126 only).
  3. A title must be provided.
  4. Archives must contain only the single text document.
  5. Programs and additional text files may not be submitted.

  Note: The document may be submitted in archived or uncompressed

2. FSP Content Guidelines

  Standards Proposals should be written with the following guidelines
  in mind:

   1. Descriptions of implementations should be concise.
   2. Plain language should be used in preference to technical jargon.
   3. History and operational advice should be avoided.
   4. Data on technical structure and usage statistics is encouraged.
   5. Explanations should be clear to less-experienced programmers.

3. FTS Format

  For ease of reading and consistency, all Technical Standards
  documents, and Standards Proposal documents after a FSP number has
  been assigned, shall use the following format:

  3.1 A standard FTSC banner at the top of the document

  1. FTSC publication number.
  2. Revision number.
  3. Short title of document
  4. Author of document.
  5. Date of last revision
  6. Last date for review (2 years after last revision)
  7. Summary of contents of document

  3.2 Text, paragraphs and margins

  Major Header titles and Introductory text alignment are to be left
  flush (i.e. starting in column 1) with a maximum line length of 70
  columns, to permit easy conversion to a Fidonews posting if accepted
  as an FSP.

  The major paragraph title is left flushed and underlined with dashes

  Text is indented two spaces from the major paragraph title. In
  sub-paragraphs, text is indented to below the title.

  Generally, decimal numbering is used.

  3.3 A brief history of revisions

  The format of the revision history is:

    Rev.x, yyyymmdd: <short comments>

  See this document and the newest FSP's for examples of the document
  formatting in action.

4. Reformatting

  The FTSC reserves the right to reformat submitted documents at any
  time to conform to the format specified in this document, to convert
  to the documents to markup formats for publication in a variety of
  formats, or any other reformatting to that may be necessary.

A. History

  Rev.1, 19971107: First non-draft release. Author Adrian Walker.
  Rev.2, 19971229: Author changed to Administrator. Reformatted and
                   updated the format specification. Revision number