Publication:    FTA-1007
Revision:       2
Title:          Intellectual Property Rights
Author:         Administrator
Revision Date:  17 January 1998
Expiry Date:    Permanent Document
                1. General Policy
                2. Confidentiality Obligations
                3. Rights and Permissions
                4. Warrant

Status of this document

  This document is an FTSC Administrative document (FTA), and
  specifies a Fidonet Best Current Practice for the Fidonet community.
  Distribution of this document is unlimited.


  This document specifies how the FTSC handles intellectual property

1. General Policy

  In all matters of intellectual property rights and procedures, the
  intention is to benefit the Fidonet community and the public at
  large, while respecting the legitimate rights of others.

2. Confidentiality Obligations

  No contribution that is subject to any requirement of
  confidentiality or any restriction on its dissemination may be
  considered in any part of the Fidonet standards process, and there
  must be no assumption of any confidentiality obligation with respect
  to any such contribution.

3. Rights and Permissions

  In the course of standards work, the FTSC receives contributions in
  various forms and from many persons. To best facilitate the
  dissemination of these contributions, it is necessary to understand
  any intellectual property rights relating to the contributions.

3.1. All Contributions

  By submission of a contribution, each person actually submitting the
  contribution is deemed to agree to the following terms and
  conditions on his own behalf, on behalf of the organization (if any)
  he represents and on behalf of the owners of any propriety rights in
  the contribution. Where a submission identifies contributors in
  addition to the contributor(s) who provide the actual submission,
  the actual submitter(s) represent that each other named contributor
  was made aware of and agreed to accept the same terms and conditions
  on his own behalf, on behalf of any organization he may represent
  and any known owner of any proprietary rights in the contribution.

  1. Some works (for example works of the U.S. Government) are not
     subject to copyright. However, to the extent that the submission
     is or may be subject to copyright, the contributor, the
     organization he represents (if any) and the owners of any
     proprietary rights in the contribution, grant an unlimited
     perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free, world-wide right and
     license to the FTSC under any copyrights in the contribution.
     This license includes the right to copy, publish and distribute
     the contribution in any way, and to prepare derivative works that
     are based on or incorporate all or part of the contribution, the
     license to such derivative works to be of the same scope as the
     license of the original contribution.

  2. The contributor acknowledges that the FTSC have no duty to
     publish or otherwise use or disseminate any contribution.

  3. The contributor grants permission to reference the name(s) and
     address(es) of the contributor(s) and of the organization(s) he
     represents (if any).

  4. The contributor represents that contribution properly acknowledge
     major contributors.

  5. The contributor, the organization (if any) he represents and the
     owners of any proprietary rights in the contribution, agree that
     no information in the contribution is confidential and that the
     FTSC may freely disclose any information in the contribution.

  6. The contributor represents that he has disclosed the existence of
     any proprietary or intellectual property rights in the
     contribution that are reasonably and personally known to the
     contributor. The contributor does not represent that he
     personally knows of all potentially pertinent proprietary and
     intellectual property rights owned or claimed by the organization
     he represents (if any) or third parties.

  7. The contributor represents that there are no limits to the
     contributor's ability to make the grants acknowledgments and
     agreements above that are reasonably and personally known to the

4. Warrant

  By ratifying this document the FTSC warrants that it will not
  inhibit the open and free access to FTSC documents for which license
  and right have been assigned according to the procedures set forth
  in this section, including drafts, proposals and standards. This
  warrant is perpetual and will not be revoked by the FTSC or its
  successors or assigns.

A. References

  [RFC2026] "The Internet Standards Process -- Revision 3". Scott
  Bradner. October 1996.

B. Acknowledgements

  This document is based on extracts from the original text of RFC2026
  by Scott Bradner. Please read that document for further

C. Author contact data

  Odinn Sorensen
  Fidonet: 2:236/77
  E-mail:  odinn@goldware.dk
  WWW:     http://www.goldware.dk

D. History

  Rev.1, 19971120: First release as draft.
  Rev.2, 19980117: First release as official FTA. No changes from the